Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay, I know, like I needed a new project. But we were in Michigan for my aunt's funeral, which meant I was with Marie, my quilting sister. So of course we had to go to a quilt shop! We went to one that has a lot of flannels and I bought this collection. This is actually a couple of bundles plus two more fabrics I bought from a shop we visited during the drive home. The darkish purple on the right is for the back. The starry print will be the main print -- it's what I have one yard of. The rest are half yards and fat quarters. It's all flannel! I haven't done anything with flannel before, so this will be fun. And since Molly moved to her twin size bed, her existing quilts don't fit any more. So yeah, that's it. She needs me to make her a new quilt. Right? Exactly.

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