Friday, April 30, 2010

Please help!

I'm participating in the Quiltathon for Massey. As you know, I recently went through treatment for breast cancer. The shop I work at, Quilting Adventures, is hosting a 30 Hour Quiltathon to raise money that will directly benefit support groups through the VCU Massey Cancer Center. All the money raised goes to them, and the quilts that we make will be auctioned off by various groups, also with that money going toward cancer support.

Please follow this link and donate to this great cause. My team needs more donations to win! You can search for me (Cheryl Schenck), and donate to Team 9. I'm also on Team 16, but I'm focusing money toward Team 9 since it's the one I started with.

If you want to stop by, you can do so all weekend. I'll be quilting tonight from 10 pm to 1 am (the shop closes at 9 pm, so don't try to stop by then), and also on Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

fan mail!

I've been making more tooth fairy pillows. Molly took hers to school for show and tell and to gymnastics and I have about 12 to make now. I'm charging $10 each, which covers my materials and also pays me some for time. It's a number I feel comfortable charging (much more and I'd feel guilty, much less and it probably wouldn't be worth it). I've been cranking out teeth tonight. Here are a couple more pillows. The red one is flannel. I'm also experimenting with tooth fabrics, because I only had a little of the Michael Miller home dec white that I used originally. So now I'm making teeth out of bamboo corduroy and NuSuede. The bamboo is slightly off-white, so I'm only using it for pillows that have no white in the background fabric.I also got a note from one of Molly's classmates. It is SO cute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gosh darn cute

I made this tooth fairy pillow for Molly. I think it's just in time. Her bottom front tooth is awfully wiggly. I got the tooth pattern from Martha Stewart, though I did it differently from her. Mine is two layers of white because I hate when things shadow through. So it has two layers and was turned inside out. Then I topstitched very close to the edge. Then I attached it to the pillow (before stuffing) by just going right over the topstitching in order to make a pocket. I LOVE it!
I also made another shop sample. This one is Fire Escape by, you guessed it, Atkinson Designs. It looks super simple, and it is, but it's challenging to keep everything organized. It's supposed to be a throw size, but it's pretty big. It finishes at 60 x 75 or so.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy and auction results

I haven't been posting, I admit it. I've been busy with non-quilting things, though I have lots in the pipeline. Unfortunately, my sewing room is a disaster, so not much is being done there, and it's spring break, so I'm home all day with Molly so nothing is being done at the shop. And somehow, I'm still busy, and often gone, all day long. Not complaining, mind you. Just explaining why I haven't posted.

But I was amiss in not letting everyone know that the latest auction quilt went for $1200! It was won by a friend of mine, so that makes it doubly great! The placemats only went for $15, but they were also won by the same person, so I'm happy that she got them.

In Molly news, we have a new tooth. I need to make a tooth fairy pillow, pronto! If you know of a good pattern, please post it in the comments! It's coming in behind her front teeth but I've been assured it will be okay in the end. I see orthodontist appointments in our future.