Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been pretty sick today and just didn't have anything to show before.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here's some photos! I know, I need to not post more than once a day, but I have so much to take photos of!

First is a pencil roll that I'm making which is very much (though not exactly) like Amy's.

Also, some photos of the quilting I've been doing on the second round robin I was involved in. I think this quilting will take a while, it's so dense.

RMS Auction Quilt

I have been meaning to do a sewing/quilting blog for some time but needed a little push. This is my push -- I'm working on an auction project for the Richmond Montessori School fundraising auction. All the kids in Molly's class have dyed some cotton fabrics using Dye-Na-Flow. I'll be putting these together into an art quilt for the auction! This will be a big project and I'm thrilled to be able to put my "talents" toward something for the school! Anyway, here are some photos of the fabric that the kids dyed. There is an overall shot and then one that's close up.

Some of the parents helped, and it was a lot of fun watching the kids work! Some were very careful and some were all over the place! We had half the kids use blue/green/purple and the other half use red/yellow/orange. Of course, eventually they converged to teal and orange, but I'll be able to make it work.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My first post!

This is my first post. I guess it's a test post. Here's a photo of a quilt that my sister Marie and I made for my dad's 80th birthday. The colors are very different from what either of us use typically.