Monday, October 6, 2014

Skating Dresses

Like I said in my last post, so much has happened in our lives since I was writing regularly. One of those things is that Molly has gotten involved in ice skating, and for the last year has been involved in Synchronized Skating (Synchro for short). Last year she was on the Beginner 1 team in Richmond. Here in Madison she'll be on the Beginner 2 team.

Well, let me tell you, skating dresses are expensive! So, being a sewer, I of course decided that I would just make my own. Here are some I've made so far:

First try. Not so hot. Also, too tight, and itchy!

Second dress. It's coming along!

Third dress. This one has a zipper!

Matching dresses for two skaters. This was for the holiday show.
A cross-top dress with an asymmetrical hem.

I'm getting there! The great news is that I'm making the dresses for her current synchro team! And there may be more in the works. I'm so excited I even bought a serger. It sure makes life easier!