Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, I taught my beginner class tonight and now I'm exhausted. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I teach again (same group) on Friday. It's the makeup class for when I had to postpone due to the funeral. I don't have a ton of pain (I took two painkillers instead of one) but I feel like I'm sick. All flushed and sweaty. I think I'll just sleep tomorrow.

So I decided to post another older photo. This is a quilt tote I made. It was my first attempt at a bag. The handles are old towel rods we took down from our bathroom.


  1. My first visit here via sew groovy chick's comment section. Just wanted to say I love your title of your blog! ha! Needed a good laugh today.

  2. Love the bag. This would be perfect for quilting, sewing, knitting projects!

    Continued wishes for good health. Hope you are able to sleep today!

  3. so happy you were able to make the class happen. Still thinking about you , just rest today. I'll see you tomorrow.

  4. Thanks to everyone. I thought teaching last night would have done me in, but I'm actually feeling pretty good now. Yay!