Friday, February 27, 2009

First deadline

It occurred to me that some people may not know what I'm talking about when I constantly bring up this auction quilt. Well, here is the story. My wonderful four year old is going to a private school which has an annual fundraiser auction. There is a silent auction with all the typical silent auction type things (I'm donating one of my beginner classes for that). There's also a live auction, and each class is making a project which will be auctioned off. The auction is at the end of March, but they wanted the class projects to be in the lobby for today, which was parent-teacher conference day.

I had everyone in Molly's class (23 total; one has moved away) paint fabric using Dye-Na-Flow. This fabric paint works essentially like dye and is very easy to use. I took the kids' finished fabric and made the auction quilt out of it. The theme of the auction is New York, New York. So, the quilt is of a skyline (not specifically NYC's skyline). Each building represents a child in Molly's class. The design is mine. I have done all the piecing, couching (of yarn), free motion quilting and most of the embellishments. Here, finally, is a crappy photo of it hanging in the lobby for conferences:

And here is a photo of the whole display:

It's not quite done. The tallest building (the blue one on the right) needs embellishing. I also need to glue down some of the knots on the back so the beads don't come loose over time. And I need to label it. And I need to get good photos of it. So far it has about $250 worth of materials in it and countless hours. I have to figure it out, but it wouldn't surprise me if I have 100 hours in it by now. I hope it gets a lot of bids!

In other news, I went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show today. Lots of eye candy, only some shopping. I'll try to post photos of what I bought later.

I am hoping that whoever wins the quilt will donate it back to the school for display. And I'd love to try to enter it in Mid-Atlantic next year (if it's good enough). Maybe the winner will let me borrow it? We'll see.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the story of the quilt. I understood that it was for an auction, but not that it was for the live auction for your daughter's school. So cool! It's a precious quilt, in my opinion, for all your work and hours, and significant for the fact each child contributed and each one is represented. I love the interaction of parent, child, teacher and community. It's the hope to live fully in our present and future.

    I, too, hope it gets a lot of bids and brings in the price it is worth. Good luck! Keep us posted! We should all celebrate in good things happening, near and far.

  2. Oh Cheryl. It looks so good. That would be awesome if you could inter it next year in the quilt show.

    You have done such a GREAT job on it.

  3. Very pretty quilt - it looks wonderful!

  4. What a wonderful thing you're doing for the children, with the children and for the community! I hope they do keep it where it is.