Friday, January 9, 2009

Water quilted! And comments should work now.

Last time I wrote I was having machine problems. Well, I never actually did anything, but I have been able to continue quilting. I just had to slow down a bit. I am not convinced there's not a problem, though. I tend to quilt fast -- I have a harder time making smooth lines when I go slowly.

Anyway, I have finished quilting the sky and also the water. I quilted in different colors so it would look like the buildings are reflecting. I think it came out well. I will quilt some of the buildings this weekend and get a start on the beading and embroidery. If anyone has skills in those two areas and wants to help, let me know!

Here is a photo of the backing fabric. The wildness helps hide all the threads. Also, I fixed the setting where it was only letting Blogger people make comments. Sorry about that! I'm still getting into this and haven't explored everything yet.


  1. Coming along nicely Cheryl. Hope I will get to see it in person. The water is very cool!


  2. Cheryl,
    Absolutely AMAZING! I believe the RMS Primary class is blessed to have your talents and efforts for the auction quilt!

  3. Thanks! It's been fun to do this project.

  4. I've have seen it in person and the quilting is wonderful.

  5. Hey Cheryl! You know I would love to help with the beading! Just let me know when!

    It looks wonderful! I can't wait to see the quilting.