Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, the auction quilt is bound and has a hanging sleeve. I couched more yarn around next to the binding and used fusible web to attach the binding to the back before I sewed it. This means no hand sewing. Yay! I stopped in the shop Friday night and Mary gave me the suggestion. It worked really well. It doesn't look as nice as it would if it were hand done, because my stitching isn't right next to the finished edge. But it's more than adequate for a wall hanging.

However, I'm far from done. I plan to quilt in the buildings, and add embroidery and beading. I can't decide if I should quilt in all the buildings, even those I plan to add other embellishments to, or just in some.


  1. I think it would look nice to quilt it all... I guess it depends on time. Do you have time to do all the buildings? The embellishments and beading is going to stand out even if the building is quilted.

  2. I tend to agree. I'm a pretty quick quilter and they're pretty small spaces so that's not the issue. I was able to quilt the entire sky in an evening. Plus, if everything has some quilting, then if I run out of time on the beading for some reason, it would still look good.