Friday, January 2, 2009

Progress on the auction quilt

Okay, I haven't been around much. Between being sick, getting ready for the holidays, and the inlaws coming to town, we've just been very busy! That also means I haven't gotten a lot done anyway. :-)

But last night I did get some work done on the auction quilt. This one has been worrying me because I'm doing a new technique, and sometimes before starting something new I get a bit of "stage fright." But last night the deadline (about four weeks away, if you don't count the binding), seemed very close. So with a little encouragement and help from RT, we jumped right in.

Anyway, the scissors are to show you the size. This will be the full size of the quilt. Each building is made from one of the kids' fabrics. I decided to make the buildings funky instead of straight so it would be a little more fun.

I did find out you can get a large format copy from Kinko's for not too much money!

Oh, I have one Christmas gift to show you (I have photos of others, too, for later). This is a silk scarf I painted with Dye-Na-Flow for RT's mom.


  1. Hey Cheryl, I love the funky looking buildings. It makes them look so much more cute, then just straight ones. It is going to turn out wonderful.

  2. Thanks! I'm very excited about how it's coming out. I should have some preliminary quilting done on it today! I'll be shopping for thread tomorrow, too, I think.