Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gosh darn cute

I made this tooth fairy pillow for Molly. I think it's just in time. Her bottom front tooth is awfully wiggly. I got the tooth pattern from Martha Stewart, though I did it differently from her. Mine is two layers of white because I hate when things shadow through. So it has two layers and was turned inside out. Then I topstitched very close to the edge. Then I attached it to the pillow (before stuffing) by just going right over the topstitching in order to make a pocket. I LOVE it!
I also made another shop sample. This one is Fire Escape by, you guessed it, Atkinson Designs. It looks super simple, and it is, but it's challenging to keep everything organized. It's supposed to be a throw size, but it's pretty big. It finishes at 60 x 75 or so.


  1. they both look great. That quilt top is beautiful.

  2. YOU totally rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whata' Mom, whata' quilter, whata' creative and special friend!!!!!!! You continually inspire and make the heart smile............... Love yo'face,