Wednesday, April 21, 2010

fan mail!

I've been making more tooth fairy pillows. Molly took hers to school for show and tell and to gymnastics and I have about 12 to make now. I'm charging $10 each, which covers my materials and also pays me some for time. It's a number I feel comfortable charging (much more and I'd feel guilty, much less and it probably wouldn't be worth it). I've been cranking out teeth tonight. Here are a couple more pillows. The red one is flannel. I'm also experimenting with tooth fabrics, because I only had a little of the Michael Miller home dec white that I used originally. So now I'm making teeth out of bamboo corduroy and NuSuede. The bamboo is slightly off-white, so I'm only using it for pillows that have no white in the background fabric.I also got a note from one of Molly's classmates. It is SO cute!