Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy and auction results

I haven't been posting, I admit it. I've been busy with non-quilting things, though I have lots in the pipeline. Unfortunately, my sewing room is a disaster, so not much is being done there, and it's spring break, so I'm home all day with Molly so nothing is being done at the shop. And somehow, I'm still busy, and often gone, all day long. Not complaining, mind you. Just explaining why I haven't posted.

But I was amiss in not letting everyone know that the latest auction quilt went for $1200! It was won by a friend of mine, so that makes it doubly great! The placemats only went for $15, but they were also won by the same person, so I'm happy that she got them.

In Molly news, we have a new tooth. I need to make a tooth fairy pillow, pronto! If you know of a good pattern, please post it in the comments! It's coming in behind her front teeth but I've been assured it will be okay in the end. I see orthodontist appointments in our future.

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  1. That's wonderful that the quilt went so well in the auction. Good luck with the teeth