Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sing the praises of pants!

I'm working on my first commission. Well, kind of. I once quilted a very small wall hanging for someone who was putting it in a craft fair. But this is the first quilt commission. I'm making a throw out of a deceased gentleman's golf pants. My cutting area is overrun with pants!I'm doing a simple square in a square. This block is deceiving because the center pants happened to be patchwork already. In reality, there are only two fabrics per block.
So far I have 14 out of 30 blocks done. I'm trying for contrast between the two fabrics so that in the end I can alternate between light and dark for the outsides of the blocks. They'll be set 5 x 6 and the blocks will be trimmed to 9 inches finished (I hope). I am piecing them on muslin, which is a decision I'm glad I made. You can see here where I've done a little fussy cutting.
Wish me luck on this project. They're not the fabrics I'd normally work with, but it's been reflective for me. Plus, getting paid for making a quilt is very nice! If you don't hear from me in a few days, listen for muffled sounds coming from my sewing room. If so, send help!


  1. WOW! First, congrats on the commission. You do beautiful work. I would most certainly come to you should I want a special, unique piece!

    I'll be so interested in seeing how this particular quilt turns out. I can't imagine knowing where to begin with...pants! But you seem to have a good plan in mind. The closest I can come to anything like this is a friend of mine made a quilt for her father-in-law using his collection of ties accumulated through the years. It was awesome but took her quite some time! It becomes of a life story, doesn't it, constructing and piecing from what had belonged to someone?

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    At first, I had a more complicated pattern in mind -- basically one more "ring" around the center, with them all being sort of off kilter. But then I realized that each strip would be less than two inches wide (or averaging that, at least). With the scale of the prints, that just wouldn't work out well. So I decided on this. In some cases, simplicity is better anyway. I want the fabrics to be the highlight here, not some crazy piecing. Luckily there are so many pairs of pants that I don't have to worry about conserving every last thread. That does take some of the pressure off.

  3. It is looking really good. and that is wonderful that you already have 14 blocks done.

  4. Congrats on the commission - it will look really good when you are finished!

  5. I love the plaid block with the golfer in the middle!

  6. I love this -- and think of how much it's going to mean to its owner. My friend did a quilt of all her deceased husband's Hawaiian shirts for her children, and they cuddled under it and talked about it for years.

    This one is looking great!