Monday, May 25, 2009

Quilting progress

Wow, it's been a busy weekend! So far, we spent much of Saturday at a birthday party and doing some shopping. Today I worked. Tomorrow I'm in a class at the shop (and hope to have more to show from that tomorrow) and my Monday night quilt group.

I also got the top of the golf pants quilt finished!
I spray basted with with 505, and added a couple of pins for insurance. The thing is heavy, even though it's not very big. I ended up going with thin batting because of that. Some of the wool is very thick. I also have almost 2/3 of the quilting done. I hope to get more done tomorrow morning before my class so I don't have to change everything on my machine around and then change it back again. Plus, I'm encouraged by how much quilting I got done tonight.


  1. The quilting is looking great, really makes an already awesome top finished and detailed. WOW!

  2. I have been waiting to see how this pants quilt was going to turn out.. This looks great! I think the recipient will be quite pleased.