Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mending day and a little applique

So, remember the twirly skirt I made Molly a while back? I had bought a white t-shirt so that I could applique one of the motifs onto it and I finally did it! I also applied some crystals, because a little sparkle never hurts. It's a little puckery, but I am too lazy to have used stabilizer, aside from the Wonder-Under that's fusing them together.
She loves it! I also fixed an old Gap dress (from a yard sale) of hers. I swear it was made with the cheapest thread imaginable. I've had to fix nearly every seam on the thing. And I fixed a stuffed animal and a little beanbag. She's happy. You can see part of my stash behind her here. Yes, I have two drawers dedicated to purple. Want to make something of it? And the plastic bin is full of my scraps. It's bursting.
RT even got into the mending spirit. Here he is reapplying a button, all by himself!


  1. Every time my girls visit or I visit them I have a mending day. This time, I fixed a rip in a pair of capris, took up a skirt, fixed rips in baby pajamas, and a few other things. It makes me feel useful and like I'm doing practical things. That is the sweetest smile I think I've ever seen!

  2. i love the appliqued t-shirt. I may try that sometime soon...i don't think it's too puckery. :)

  3. I admire you menders. I think I would rather start from "scratch" than to mend. I hate mending. Although it has to be done sometimes. I think the little shirt is so cute and I don't see any puckers. I think we're too hard on ourselves. I'm still here and have been posting on my Exposure2009 blog but am still having a tough time with motivation and energy. Posting one blog once a day is good. It's a start! Just wanted to check in with some of my blogging friends to see what they're doing. Hopefully, I'll get motivated soon to start creating something. We are finished cleaning out my mother's house and are putting it on the market on the 10th of this month. Still have pics and paperwork and thank you notes to do. Little by little :)