Saturday, August 8, 2009

Demo sample making and yummy food

I haven't been sewing much lately. My back has been sore and I was worried about hurting it again. But, deadlines loom, so here we go again! Tonight I worked on a demo piece for the Minnesota Road Show. It's the body of the Farmer's Market Tote. I will essentially stop this one about halfway through, just before assembling the bag, so people can see what the piecing looks like. The fabrics for this one are very different from the last one I made. This one has big, bold prints.
Also, RT made some fantastic shish kabobs last week on the grill. They were marinated sirloin and they looked so yummy I had to take a photo (sorry to any vegetarians out there):


  1. Well, making kabobs is kind of like threading beads, so I think of it as making meat fabric. I also think I'm starving now looking at it.

  2. Those colors take me back to the late sixties. I love them. The kabobs look yummy!

  3. the shish kabobs look sooo good.