Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, new projects

Wow. I've never taken a blog break for this long before. Several things happened. One is that I went to a quilting retreat with my friend and co-worker Maureen. These are really fun! Sadly, in the three days following the retreat, both my car and my sewing machine bit the dust. The car was fatal. We ended up trading it in for a tiny commuter car for RT. The sewing machine wasn't fatal, but it took nearly a month to get back from the repair shop. And then there were the holidays and the flu and other such nonsense. On to photos!

I did more than this over the holidays, but these are the photos that are off the camera at the moment. These are some selvedge pincushions. I made a bunch and gave them to lots of friends.
Some people still haven't gotten theirs yet.
More photos soon, I promise. In the meantime, a word from Molly:
Tomorrow's menu. #1: we are going out.

My sentiments exactly, honey. :-)


  1. Sorry to hear about the car and sewing machine....glad you were able to find something else though. The quilting retreat sounds relaxing!

  2. Love these pin cushions - what a great way to use those unfortunate edges!