Monday, June 14, 2010

Pointy points!

I have a quilting group that meets monthly to do show and tell and chat with each other. We're called "The Other Women," which is a name one of the members came up with because she's cheating on another sewing group with us. Anyway, we did something new this past Saturday; we had a mini-class. We learned a different type of paper piecing, where you stitch with the fabric on top of the pattern instead of on the wrong side of the pattern as in traditional paper piecing. I'm not sure which I like better. This is easier in some ways, but takes more time in trimming because you can't use the Add a Quarter ruler (which I highly recommend if you do paper piecing).

Aaaanyway, I made a pattern called Emily's Star. The pattern is by Lynn Graves of Little Foot, Inc. So far I've made four blocks.My poor camera. It has a hard time with colors. You should know that all the backgrounds are blues and all the stars are various shades of red and orange. They're actually quite striking, not that you'd know it from this photo.

Look at the pretty points!
In family news, we got a Prius last Saturday. I've only used about half the tank of gas so far. Yahoo!

Oh, and in honor of my upcoming 100th post, I'll be doing a giveaway. I have no idea what yet. Stay tuned!


  1. I almost thought our quilt group was tonight. I had to go back and look.

  2. go ahead and give away the prius, cheryl!

    keep us updated on how many miles you drive on a single tank-- my tanks usually last around two weeks, so using half since saturday seems like a lot.

  3. Jennifer, I meant *last* Saturday -- the one that happened nine days ago! :-)

  4. That makes more sense. You can still give it away on your 100th post.