Monday, May 10, 2010


The Quiltathon is over! There is still time to donate if you'd like (please do -- this link will add to my goal), but the work is (mostly) done. Here's a shot of most of my team, including Becky, Michele, Allen, Mary and Deb. Only Coni is not in this shot (sorry, Coni!).
We worked Friday night from 10 pm until 1 am. We got quite a lot of work done, though it's hard to quantify because we were working on three different quilts at once. Here's an arty shot of Allen's hands quilting one of the rows!
So far I'm in the lead as far as individual donations go, but the next person is really nipping at my heels. I really want to be the person with the most personal donations. So, if you've been thinking about it, or if you were one of the people who asked me, "what can I do?" while I was going through treatment, here is your chance to help!

I've also been making more tooth fairy pillows. I decided, after much harass--... er, encouragement, from my fellow quilters, that I should charge $15 instead of $10.
Lastly, I'm working on a commission piece. It's a t-shirt quilt for someone who is graduating high school soon. I have framed all the shirts in a green batik and am working on what to use for the background. Here they are on a solid, but I think we'll be going with something more lively. I do like how the one batik ties them all together, though. T-shirt quilts can be tricky because they don't often have a consistent color to them.
I'll be taking more commissions as time goes on. If you know of anyone who wants a t-shirt quilt made, let me know!

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