Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quilt top mostly done

The auction quilt top is basically done. I took it in to the school today to show the kids. I am going to try embroidering the school logo in the center block. Well, actually, I'll probably embroider one on a plain bit of fabric first and hold it up to see how it looks. If it comes out, then I can use that on the back. Anyway, the kids all did the nine patch blocks. The other squares are just to frame them. It's way more traditional than last year's quilt, but I think it's pretty. It's being auctioned off along with a book of fairy tales and a bedtime story read by the teacher. I'm hoping for big bids!


  1. looks lovely, cheryl. very nicely done. :) see you tomorrow...

  2. I love those blocks set on the white....they look great.

  3. oh i love it. the colors in the blocks just pop!