Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brittany's quilt

I'm making some real progress on my niece Brittany's graduation quilt. What? Yeah, so graduation was a few months ago. I know. But in quilting time, I'm doing fine. Early, even!

Here I am working away at the quilting, at the shop with Amy. I had to buy new gloves because I left mine at home.
Here is the back. I love the back, maybe even more than the front! I know, it's a lot of white, but I've really been drawn to this look lately. And Brittany's a responsible kid. She'll take good care of it. You can see my loopy quilting on the right side. This is the biggest quilt I've quilted so far, so I wanted to use my most comfortable fill pattern. The label is near the top right, at the end of one of the strips of blocks. These were the leftovers from the front squares.
And here is the label. I embroidered it myself. I've decided I love embroidering labels. This is the wave of the future for me, I think. The metal you see in the "with" is from a safety pin on the front. It will be gone when I'm done quilting it.Today it was over 90 degrees so I contend that it's still summer.


  1. What a nice quilt and special label. :) I love the colors.

  2. and now i've learned another thing about quilting. I didn't realize people wear gloves - I imagine that keeps oils from the skin from getting on the fabric? I know most people don't realize how much that stains over time.

  3. Actually, they're to keep the quilt from slipping. They have grippy fingertips (sort of like gardening gloves). Otherwise the quilt is just too heavy to have good control.

    Sometimes you'll see people with white gloves at quilt shows, and that's for the reason you mentioned.

  4. Wow that is really nice. I know she will love it. It is funky, but kinda traditional at the same time.

  5. What a beautiful quilt (huge, I can't imagine!) and a wonderful gift! A lucky niece :) I really love those fabrics and I'm with you on the white. I like it, too. And the label is HAND embroidered? Thank you for telling me about the knitting spool. I had no idea what that was and, also, thanks for sending me to a place that shows how to do it. These are just little toys I took from my mother's house and she would love to see someone using them, I know!