Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tie dyed t-shirts

Molly and I took a class with Monica at Quilting Adventures for making tie dye t-shirts. Molly is technically a little young, but I was there to help her. It was great fun! Here are her creations:

The blue and red stripey one was done by folding, and the red, yellow and orange one was done by twisting it around a clothespin and then rubber banding it to death.

My friend Sheila was there with her two nephews, and Amy was there with her two kids. Here's a photo of Amy and Monica.
And then I just had to add this photo of Molly laughing. How I love this kid.


  1. The class was so fun. I love the pictures Cheryl, they turned out so good.

  2. Molly's faces are so hilarious in these pictures. Little kids are so exuberant!

  3. My girls and I went through a couple of years of tie dye craziness. We tie dyed at home, at scouts, at VBS, at school and everywhere else. We had a tie dye birthday party for one of my dds. Today is her 27th. That was about 21 years ago!!!!

  4. Great pics and great fun! Reminds me of the 60s when I was in high school and college. We did some rubber band tie dying back then and it was fun. I'm getting back into the blogging world with one blog, at least, but it's tough after losing my mother. I'm still working on going thru her stuff and just getting these "loose ends" out of the way. For some reason, my mind won't let me do creative endeavors until I get this done but I'm working my way back into it. You and all my blogging friends are inspirational. Thank you!

  5. I absolutely love the tie-dye tees and better yet is that you, your daughter and dear friends had a great time together making them. Awesome! I love the picture of your daughter laughing. It's so good to know such joy!