Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crabtree Falls

We went on a hike to Crabtree Falls on Saturday. It was great fun but I'm still sore! Snickers, our 14-year-old dog came along, too.

Molly was very excited.
Here you can see the bottom of the falls. The steps you see behind are part of the hike. It's about 1.1 mile, but mostly up!
The falls went all the way up the mountain.
We saw lots of these pretty white flowers. Anyone know what they are?
A tired trio. But we had fun!


  1. What a pretty place. Virginia is a very beautiful state. My DH has lots of relatives, even some in Richmond. We drive up I81 quite frequently going to the NE to visit 2 of our DDs. We have relatives in Charlottesville, Portsmouth, Arlington, Abingdon, and other really small towns in the SW tip of the state. That's where my DH was born. His dad's family is from there.

  2. OH MY What wonderful memories you brought flooding back to me. Years ago my uncle owned land at Crabtree Falls.I don't think he owned the actual land where the falls are but land needed for a right away to it. He refused to sell the land he owned there while he was alive. He died in 71. He would always drive us (my family and I or a friend who would go with me and I would go spend a few weeks on his farm back during the 60's). My aunt would pack a picnic lunch and we would drive up to see the falls. Thanks so much I enjoyed your pictures beyond words can express!!!

  3. Great Pictures, I'm so glad you guys had such a great time!

  4. What a beautiful day and hike! And, of course, I love your little girl's bright, fun tee! So good to get out, enjoy nature's beauty and take yourself a breath of fresh air. Awesome!

  5. Beautiful day you had for a hike! Looks like a LOT of fun.

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  7. Hi Cheryl, that's mountain laurel. Isn't it neat? I requested hiking Crabtree Falls one Mother's Day years ago when the kids still lived at home. The wild rhododendrons were in full bloom. It was so beautiful. I love to hike in the mountains.