Monday, September 13, 2010

Paul McCartney

Ohh, it's been a crazy summer, hasn't it? I'm so glad that school has started. It give me time to sew! I don't have photos of everything I've done in the past few weeks, but I'll take and post them soon.

One thing we did in August was go to see Paul McCartney in concert! The day before we left, I found a Beatles t-shirt at Target, but it was in the toddler section. So I got the biggest one I could and made it into this little dress for Molly. If I had had more time and more fabric (don't we all need more of both of those), I'd have made it twirlier. The shirt has Ringo's drum kit on it. The skirt fabric is gray with white polka dots. Here we all are. My friend and quilting student Carrie joined us.
Here's Sir Paul! Yes, he's the tiny speck in the middle of the stage. Thank god for giant video screens.
How irritating are these small photos, anyway? I need advice, fellow bloggers: how do you deal with photos on blogspot? If I upload straight to blogger, I'm worried that I'll run out of space. So I upload to Flickr and then link, but they come out so small. What do you do? I want it all: larger photos hosted somewhere else so I don't have to worry about running out of room. Any advice?


  1. You won't run out of space on Blogger. Every photo I upload is the largest file they offer without using photoshop and it always comes out just fine.

  2. I don't think you will run out of room either...are you using the old editor or the new? I don't know why I ask cause they are saying the old editor is on the way out...but the old is the one I use. There is a way to go in and change the size in the html on it...all you do is change three numbers to get a different sized picture on your blog. If you are interested, let me know. My blog I am comment from now I only change to 400 x 267...but at the side is my other blog Time Stand Still...I almost always change the photos there to 640 X 427...of course you have to keep the ration the photos are from standard digitel single lens reflex...on a point and shoot I have the numbers are a little different.

  3. I also host my photos on Flickr, and they give you several size options (you can also edit the photos to the exact dimension you want, but if the photo isn't square, it requires some math). I don't use Blogger (I'm a WordPress girl), so I'm not sure how you usually insert photos. WordPress gives you the option of writing in Visual (looks like the finished post) or HTML (best if you're adding code, like the photo). If you have an HTML option, go there.

    In Flickr, go to the photo's page. At the top, click "Share This," then select "Grab the HTML/BBC Code." The HTML code is shown in a box, and below it you have a drop down menu with several size options. The size your blog currently shows is probably Small. Change it to Medium. Copy the HTML code and paste it where you want the photo to appear in your blog post.

    Now when someone clicks on the photo on your blog, it will take them to the Flickr page.

    If the photo is square, it's extremely easy to change the size to exactly what you want. See in the code where it says 'width="500" height="500"'? If you change those numbers to something else, you will resize the photo. If your photo is square, the numbers are always the same. If your photo is a rectangle, you need to choose a number for either width or height, then calculate what the other number is. If you're comfortable with math (and remember a little bit of algebra), it isn't difficult. Here's how: Draw a square with a plus sign in it, quartering it. In the top left box, write the current width. In the bottom left box, write the current height. In the top right box, write your new width. (I'm going to assume you'll want to resize your photo based on it's width.) To calculate the number in the bottom right box (the new height), multiply the bottom left by the top right box, then divide by the top left box. So, if your top left is 500, your bottom left is 375, and your top right is 400, you do this:
    bottom left (375) x top right (400) / top left (500) = 375 x 400 / 500 = 300.
    Change your width to 400 and your height to 300, and the photo will be smaller, but still proportionate.