Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Auction quilt, 2010, and a project from the retreat.

Way back at the quilting retreat I went to in November, it was raining when I unpacked and I had no cover for my sewing machine. So, I bought a half yard of the cutest polka dot oilcloth from the shop and made myself a cover. It's not fancy, but I'm proud that I didn't have a pattern or anything.
My big upcoming project is this year's auction quilt for Molly's school. I'm starting much later than I did last year, and with the radiation treatments coming up, things might get tricky. Last year at this time I had already finished quilting the top and was beginning the beading. Yikes. But this year, I don't plan to do much, if any, embellishing. So, things should go more quickly. All I have to show you today are some pretty little squares. But tomorrow I'm going to the school and I'll be sewing nine patch blocks with the kids. Parents are coming in to help, so I think things should go smoothly.

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  1. they are beautiful. I can't wait to see more.