Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally back!

I am so sorry it's been so long since I've posted. My days lately have been so full, leaving before 8 am and getting home close to 9 pm. I've been sewing at the shop nearly every morning (and this week I have been teaching a class each morning). The afternoons have had anything from Molly's gymnastics or ballet, to meetings with her teacher (I'm the room mom this year), grocery shopping, dealing with dog issues, doctor appointments (for me or others), you name it. More on the dog issues and doctor appointments in a later post. I have too much show and tell!

First I have the Molly quilt. It's from the Fat Quarter Fonts book by Atkinson Designs. It's a smaller version of the name quilt. I know I've mentioned how much I love Terry Atkinson books and patterns before. This is great because the letters are machine appliqued on but have no fusible.Next are some Christmas pins I made for the gift fair at the shop a few weeks back. They're all quite small, maybe 2.5 by 3.5 inches or so. There are pin-backs sewn to each one. They could be ornaments or pins to wear.
And closeups. First is the reindeer. One of the antlers has gotten broken off.
Next is the holly.
Last is the tree. I don't like the green outlining, but I felt it needed something to make it stand out. Oh well, live and learn. At least it's small!
Last, my favorite project, Rudy. It's a pattern from Melly and Me, out of Australia. (Speaking of Australia, I recently had a dream that Simon Baker, who is the guy on The Mentalist, was asking me to help him pick out quilt fabric. Rowrrrr!) This little guy is the cutest ever. His feet are wool. I think the pattern wants wool scraps for the eyes, but I used buttons.


  1. I want him. ( the reindear). LOL He is the custest ever. And I love how the MOLLY quilt top turned out.

  2. If you have been having dreams of Simon Baker, it's no wonder you haven't posted in a while! LOL I would be sleeping all the time, hoping to get that dream back. ... swoon .. sigh ... Really though, love the little reindeer!

    Hugs (if you want one & you've had your flu shot),

    Julie Andrea

  3. If that isn't the cutest darling. AND I just love the wonder your addicted.

  4. I don't watch a lot of TV like The Mentalist and have never seen this Simon guy but I have laughed and laughed over your comment! ha! Great sense of humor and funny dream (help him pick out quilt fabric?!? bwahahahaha! The little pins are darling and I love, love, love the stuffed reindeer. Maybe you should name him Simon!! Your advice a/b getting back in the sewing room was right. I'm back in there and it IS so therapeutic. Enjoying myself so much. Thanks for your friendship :)

  5. It's me again! Just read your comment on my blog. Yes, it feels very good to be back in the sewing room even if all I'm doing is appliqueing Tshirts and blankets! ha! At least I'm doing something fun!