Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buncha photos

First off, I need to thank Ana at A Sew Groovy Chick for her kind words and award. One of these days I will do my own awards. However, as you may have noticed, I've been so busy I've hardly posted at all! I will pay it forward eventually, I promise. Not saying how long it will take, but I'll do it. :-)

Okay, on to photos! I finally finished my pencil roll (sort of like Amy's). It will be a birthday gift for Molly's friend Sarah. It doesn't lie very flat with the pencils in it. Oh well.

I also finished a class sample for the Scrap Sack. It's a Scrap Therapy project. This one will take two classes, I think. The photo is a little blurry.
Finally is a quilt that I was using as a sample for my beginner class. However, we have decided that it's not a good candidate for teaching people how to quilt. So it's going to my new great-nephew.
Here is the back.


  1. I'll pretend to be shocked... unless of course you are talking about a different Sarah. It's beautiful. If she doesn't love it then I will have a new pencil roll... oh, make that a pencil roll... I don't exactly have one now.

  2. You deserve the award, regardless of the frequency of posting. Take, for example, these "buncha photos." Your work is fresh and fun, gives and receives! Love it!

  3. I just found your blog. I like it and will be checking it out lots.

  4. Love the pencil roll. She will love it.

  5. I just love your sense of humor and am amazed at the work you can turn out! Lucky nephew! And I think the pencil case is so cute. That would work great for markers because you're supposed to keep markers stored in that position - lying flat. A cute project for a child, too. I'm always thinking of children. Wonder why? ha! The bag is cute, too. All of you making these bags makes me want to do one soon.